Gold + Romantic Lakeside Wedding

Photography – KGOOD PHOTO

To say that God’s Mountain in Penticton, BC is one of the most beautiful places to have a wedding would be an understatement. The view of the lake and mountains, the property itself, and the details inside the Bed and Breakfast make you feel as if you are in another country; Greece, perhaps. It was late in July and the day was incredibly bright, yet even in 38 degree heat, something was shining even brighter than the sun; Lili. Her dress was the perfect blend of classic lace and modern, with a deep scoop in the back. A perfect ponytail and red lipstick made her look as if she had just stepped out of a high-end wedding magazine. There is no doubt that Neil was left speechless at the first sight of his bride. The wedding colours were just as perfect; glitter and gold, with accents of burgundy and light touches of ivory and greens in the arrangements. One of the most special details of this wedding was the dinner table setting. It isn’t typically seen anymore these days, but it was family style, which creates a very intimate feel. The breeze, the sunset, and the lights strung in the trees, flickering as dusk set in, took you away to another place. This wedding was incredibly unique. Even down to the details of the favours, which Lili had put together herself, full of thoughtful and homemade gifts in beautiful gold boxes. The guests will undoubtedly be talking about this wedding (and its insane candy bar) for decades to come. 

Planning, Florals, & Design – Brandy Maddison Event Planning + Design  |  Makeup – Jenny Mckinny Makeup Artist  |  Venue – God’s Mountain Estate  |  DJ – Super Dave DJ |  Commissioner – Evelyn Blaine  |  Caterer – Joy Road Catering  |  Rentals – Westminister Party Rentals  |  Bartenders – Straight Up Bar Services