Decorating Your Tree For Christmas

I am so excited to share with you a couple little tips to help you create a beautiful tree full of movement and magic for this holiday season. Below I will show you a before and after so you can truly see the difference by just adding these simple and easy steps.


1| The Base

Decide if you want a tree skirt or a basket this holiday season. You can even take it a bit further and put your tree skirt inside the basket. I used a faux fur tree skirt and it fills the basket nicely and makes the tree feel a little bit cozier. If your using a basket, make sure you put your tree in the basket before you place any ornaments on it. Other wise you could be doing a little bit of a juggling act.


2| Fluff Your Tree

Now it’s time to fluff your tree, only if you have an artificial tree; of course. If you have a real tree you can skip this step. I always start at the bottom starting with one branch and I will literally make sure I pull each piece apart creating volume through out each branch. I work my away all along the bottom layer and then once that row is complete I make my up to the next level and do the very same thing until I reach all the way to the top.

3| Adding Lights

You can never have to many! The minimum rule is 1 strand of 100 lights per foot height of your tree (if you have a 10 foot tree you will need 10 strand of lights.) And I think you can even double this. If you have a pre lit tree I would add more for sure! When I place lights on my tree I go along each branch from front to back and then move to the next branch working in layers again. I usually start at the top and work my way down. A little trick I like to do is add different types of light bulbs sizes on the tree using the basic tree light strand, the mini twinkly lights and also adding a little bit larger of a bulb is nice too. I also like to have a base of lights always on and not blinking and then having another one that is throughout the tree that can slowly blink on and off, this adds to the sparkle in your tree.

TIP – Take a picture with your phone when the tree lights are on and you will see right away where you need to add more lights, fill in those dark areas of your tree.

THEN – Repeat step two do a quick scan and re fluff your tree again to catch anything that may have got moved during the adding of the lights process.


4| Garland

For your garland use a few different varieties. For our tree I used a furrier style ribbon as a base and filler, then I added beaded garland and a snowflake style as well. Just a reminder don’t over do this part you want to leave room for ornaments. When placing the garland on the tree you want to tuck some spots into the tree and have some places where it peeks out a bit more this will create movement in your tree.


5| Floral Picks

You want to place picks into your tree going in the same direction as your tree branches. I love using 3 different kinds of picks in your tree this will give it lots of variety and texture. You can use berry type picks, beaded, flower type or even greenery ones work too.  There are so many different kinds, find ones that suit your style and look of your tree and home and have fun.

6| Ornaments

When placing ornaments on your tree use multiple sizes and start with the largest ones first, I always try to make triangle shapes when placing them that way I know they are spaced evenly. Make sure to place some on the tips of branches as well as into the tree creating depth. Use ornaments that have different textures (shiny, matte, rough, glittery, fluffy). Layering ornaments by placing some in clusters help create a more impactful look. For the larger ornaments you don’t want to place these ones to close to the top of the tree this will start to look un proportioned if you do. After all the larger ornaments are placed you can add the medium size ornaments and saving the smallest ones for the very last. I like to hang the simple ornaments first to create a base for your tree, these are typically  the ones that help with creating your colour palette that you have chosen. Next add the more decorative ornaments the ones with more shape, the ones that you may only have one of’s. Now that you have saved the smaller ornaments for the very last this is great for filling those wholes in your tree and placing on the very tips of the branches.


7| Ribbons

I love adding this at the very end placing ribbons in tree hiding ends and tucking into the tree creating a cascading down effect. I cut my ribbon pieces 18″-24″ long then I wrap those pieces around my hand and then uncoil it it creates a beautifully twisted ribbon piece. By tucking the ends into the tree and angling them it adds to the movement  and creates this really beautiful effect.


I hope you enjoyed all of these amazing little tips for decorating your tree this season. Christmas is one of my favourite holidays and it brings so much joy looking at the magical lights and admiring the many collected ornaments over the seasons.






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