Boo & Happy Halloween!

Halloween is fast approaching and here at the BME team, we have been known to have just as much fun with this holiday as we do on beautiful wedding days. Although Halloween decor is the opposite of what we are used to, it leaves us no shortage of creative exploring. We have decorated personal homes with fake bodies in bags, fog machines that hide the faces of zombies trying to escape a stack of wooden pallets, spiderwebs everywhere, and fingertips hung from a beautiful chandelier. There were crows and skeletons, skulls and blood, and a little doll sitting on a swing, hanging from the front door that greeted you with a haunting song and message. Decorating for Halloween can be kept tame with jack-o-lanterns, cute ghosts and bats, and little black cats wearing witch hats. On the other hand, you can go full on terrifying. The options are endless when it comes to this holiday. It’s as if nothing is off limits! We love seeing pictures on social media of what people do with their homes, and themselves, for Halloween!


Photo by Tanya Kuzyk Photography

A couple of years ago, we had the privilege of doing a Halloween wedding on October 31st. The ceremony was traditional, with some subtle white pumpkins grown by the bride and groom’s friends, while the reception was a full on Halloween party. All the guests changed into costume, the linens were black, and the florals were rich with shades of burgundy and hints of Fall colors. Even more pumpkins filled the room to add that extra flare of Hallow’s Eve. It was a night to remember!


Photo by Brianne Sheppard Photography

A few of us on the team have children, so Halloween also means costumes and trick-or-treating! There is nothing quite like watching your little ones’ faces light up on this particular day and helping them into whatever contraption or face-paint they roped you into this year. And of course, trying to remind them to use their best manners as they frantically run door to door ringing doorbells and shouting excitedly. Even as adults though, piecing together the perfect costume can be so fun and let all your creative juices flow. Especially when couples want to go together.We wish everybody a safe and happy Halloween, and can’t wait to see what you all come up with, from decor to costumes to candy stashes!

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